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Thursday, 25 February 2010

On a Mission

Well, I've finally got around to something I have been meaning to do for ages.

I am off on a journey (around the houses, I strongly suspect!) to discover if I can get the "rules" of DLA changed. Quite possibly it would be easier to scale Everest in flip-flops but, I can but try!

The reasons are quite simple.

Daisy is "recognised" as being Autistic by the folks at the DLA office. We/she were assessed again via that Devil-sent form which is enough to have me reaching for the Prozac and it was decided (quite rightly too) that Daisy is always going to be disabled and will not improve so we no longer have to fill in the form on an annual basis.

That was a bit of a painful moment, I have to admit. I mean I know it already, but it still stung

Anyways, with slightly thicker carapace than when I started, I asked why we weren't eligible for the higher rate of  mobility as Daisy is a danger to herself and others and we NEED a blue badge. She is a "bolter" and will go in any direction on impulse and will also try to push me into the paths of moving cars if she is in melt-down and I need to get her to safety.

The answer I got was because she doesn't have RESTRICTED mobility we don't qualify. I understand this, but I don't accept it. Her uber-mobility makes her more of a danger to herself and others than anyone with restricted mobility. She is akin to a small frightened animal and will run anywhere she can to get away from whatever it is that has spooked her. She is very nervy around cars as they tend to start their engines (well, at least the drivers do!) and she doesn't know when it's going to happen.

The people who work for the DLA department, can't help me as they only follow the rules and don't make them. So, here starteth my quest.......Let's see what I can achieve for autistic children and autism awareness. Wish me luck.....I'm going in!


  1. Good luck! I think you have a very point but I fear that logic alone won't be enough...maybe you should go in brandishing a weapon of some sort...or cake, cake always works for me

  2. Hmm....
    You will meet my demands or the Victoria Sponge gets it
    I have a chocolate eclair and I'm not afraid to use it
    I have to say I like this idea!
    I wonder if Johnathan Shaw (first on my contact list) likes Gateaux?