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Wednesday, 17 February 2010 THAT is it??

OK.....I am mildly aware that the world outside is having a few financial problems. I'm not completely out of touch. Well, actually that's not strictly true as I was out of touch earlier today as my ISP, in their wisdom, decided to suspend my services. Despite the fact that I was.......yeah, IN CREDIT!!! Argh. I said. Then I said some more 4 letter words. Then I called them, only to be told that the payment I made was charged to my account and not taken off it! Blimey, that's a new one. So the end result is that I get my services reconnected and I get a free upgrade. Apparently this makes my pooter go faster. Time will tell. The up-side of this is that we also "lost" the cable channels on the TV. The entire morning was a Sponge Bob-free zone. Words do not exisit to convey the extreme dislike that I have of  the yellow fellow. It is rarely funny, never educational and frequently just purile. Why on earth does Nick Toons persist on showing the Yellow One all day every day through the half-term holidays? What about the kids who DON'T like the Yellow One? What about the poor parents who have to listen to him? Hell, WHAT ABOUT ME?????!!!!! Bad enough that he has taken over the TV, but Daisy runs the length of the house, rock-pooling net raised above her head, "buzzing" and catching jelly-fish! She hasn't named the net "Ole Reliable" yet.......


  1. I firmly believe that sponge bob ought to be taken outside and shot. I detest the guy.

  2. Oh, please! I'd pull the trigger without a moment's hesitation! LOL