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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Oooh.....done it now!

I did it.
I finally grabbed both my courage and the moment and told Daisy that The Yellow One is no longer welcome in our house.
SpongeBob is banned!
What kind of an evil mother am I?!

Well, for the benefit of the tape:
I am tired of the continuous references to you-know-who.
I am tired of the repeated efforts to relive entire episodes of that programme....complete with voices.
I am very tired of the echolalia associated with Square Bob. It is NEVER as bad as when he has infiltrated our living room.
I have had quite enough of being spoken to like I am the stoopid one (aka Patrick) and not the pink cartoon character.
If I have to go looking for my spatula one more time because she has made off with it to grill "Krabby Patties" with I swear they will have to send round those very nice and sympathetic people in the white coats!

So....I told her.
"No more" I said. "SpongeBob is banned. Your attitude sucks."
Possibly the last comment was a bit out of order, but it worked. No hissy fit, no begging (I was dreading that!) no nothing.
Frankly, I'm a bit worried now!
It's never been this easy before......


  1. ha ha ha, you know it's not going to be that easy, don't you? Just wait a few days...

  2. far so good.
    The TV has been off all'll probably go into shock and not work later when "Grey's Anatomy" is on!

    I've had a few whimpers, but not many!

    So far she has made cookies, crafted some fine magic wands out of coloured paper and pencils and immersed herself in a Hidden Object game on the laptop!

    I have missed the Fairly Odd Parents though. But never the Yellow One!

    Who is going to crack first, this is the question!