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Friday, 25 June 2010

An Open Letter to all those people in Kwik Fit earlier today.

Dear People

I would like to send you all a big "thank you" for completely ignoring my Daisy when she got bored. Not one of you glared at me when she started to hit me...not a flicker from any body when she started crawling under the seats and got utterly filthy...not even a "tut" when we started to play "floor tennis" and made a noise that might have distracted you all from your text messaging, working on your lap top or talking on your phone. were all so busy wrapped up in your own lives that you utterly failed to see mine. Not one of you would probably be able to say what either I or Daisy were wearing or even what hair colour we have. What use would you be in a police identification parade or a witness statement? Are you so absorbed in your little bits of technology that you can't sit and chat or just relax? How can you be so insular? If the waiting area had contained people from my mothers' generation it would have been lively and chatty and people who are all from my generation didn't even want to make eye contact with one another. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging anothers' presence and you set a terrible example to Daisy. How can I possibly teach her social skills when you, the people she needs to observe and learn from, are shutting out everything around you and focussing on a silly little piece of plastic coated technology?

I am ashamed of you, people.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tiny PAWS.....

Well, there I was, sifting through the Yahoo emails when I found one from the amazing charity Dogs for the Disabled.

Would I be interested in maybe attending a three day course (spread over three months) to try and work out if we should have a dog and what dog would be the most sensible for us?

Would I????

Are you kidding?

I replied straight away! There are so many provisos though, on my having a dog in the house that it might transpire that after the first day it's a big fat no-no...but at least I can say that I tried.

Sadly, it won't be a *proper* assistance dog, inasmuch as we can't take it everywhere like you can a fully trained dog, but I will be helped and guided throughout by the DftD as to which breed might suit as well as the more practical things such as training and behaviour management.

In my head there is already a beautiful, calm Golden Retreiver bitch exuding a soothing atmosphere where ever she cares to tread....The reality would be so different!

The first session will be in July so I wait to hear if I have been accepted...

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Well...there's turn up for the books!

I finally emailed Mr Lee's office as I was bored with waiting for a reply and LO AND BEHOLD Mr Lee will be attending!
Wish he'd been courteous enough to tell me without having to ask again....

Still....something is always better than nothing.

Talking of nothing....that is exactly what we received in today's "Emergency Budget". I appreciate that we are in financial dire straights but how is a person who lives in poverty....not necessarily me by the way...supposed to survive when the price of everything will be increased yet there will be no extra money coming in? 
I am much more interested in how the Government is going to implement the new changes to the DLA scheme. I have said before, it needs reform...that form is a killer, but to subject all claims new and old to a medical assessment seems, to me, utterly undoable! (Yup, that is a word!)

It took a group of professionals 2 days to assess Daisy  before a diagnosis was reached, so how can (presumably) 1 person reach the same conclusion in what will have to be a considerable shorter length of time?  I have lost hair, sleep and a few marbles trying to get the Dept. of Works and Pensions to understand that Autism is for life....not just childhood, yet are they now plotting to make a really difficult experience for carers even more stressful and uncertain? I am currently resting on the dubious laurels of Daisy's autism being recognised as *not improving in the foreseeable future*, how long will I be able to rely on this now seemingly precarious perch? 

Surely a person with a dianosis of a life-long developmental disorder would be exempt? What about those with a condition like MS? They can experience periods of remission, how would it affect them?

At least nothing will happen until 2013, so I have 3 years to find out, complain, blog about how nobody can even be bothered to reply, complain, blog, etc etc etc.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Still Waiting.....6 Days and counting. I am in familiar territory....

...Waiting for my local MP to shift into gear and reply to another EDCM request.
After the last request for him to make a promise to do something should he be elected I doubt very much if he'll do anything this time either, after all, this latest request actually involves putting in some effort.....

I would like to apologise for sounding bitter and frustrated. I would like to, but I can't. I AM bitter and frustrated at being ignored by the very people who I helped employ....

This is the pertinent section of the email sent to me by the EDCM.

Take Action!

Every Disabled Child Matters (EDCM) is launching a new briefing: 'Disabled children: an agenda for the new Government' on 6th July at an event at the House of Lords.   Email your MP and ask them to attend

It only takes a couple of minutes to take the action and the event is a fantastic opportunity for your MP to hear from disabled young people and their families about their experiences, and for MPs to find out about EDCM's recommendations for the new Government. 
I immediately sent a request to Mr Phillip Lee. I received a reply from his secretary:

 Thank you for your email to Dr. Lee regarding the Every Disabled Child Matters campaign.

I shall ensure Dr. Lee is made aware of your concerns and replies soonest.

Kind regards,

I appreciate that MPs are probably very busy what with the summer recess coming up, but that is what they have staff for! it's known as delegation....sigh

What does it take to get this person on my side??????

Answers on a postcard please....the winner gets a week on my coffee table! might not be much of a prize, but at least I'll have answered you.

I'd make a lousy MP then, wouldn't I?