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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Lawks! Where does the time go?

Well, we went off to the dentist again on Monday. I can't believe that it has come along so quickly! was amazing! This time - despite declaring on the way there that she was going to "hide behind that cupboard again" - Daisy was outstanding! We had a guided tour of the surgery from admin to x-ray (see what I did there?!) and it was very interesting and enjoyable! Daisy answered questions (crikey! that's a HUGE step forward!) and even asked a few herself! It just goes to show that when my autistic daughter (I can't speak for all autistic children, obviously) is treated the right way, she is just brilliant!

Next time, she is going to learn how to make the chair go up and down and what all the instruments are for!

Well, that was the good news. Now for the bad! Daisy has been very very angry lately. She constantly flies off the handle for the smallest of reasons sometimes, and is sooo aggressive, violent and abusive. Part of it is that she isn't allowed to do something or what she wants to do is either impossible or totally impractical but she doesn't see that, and explodes. Big time. There is no reasoning with her, as that makes her worse, so she just has to be ignored. Which is very hard. If she was having an anxiety meltdown then I could hug her and give the attention and reassurance that she craves....but this? No way...get too close and she will strike out, it's only been pure luck that she hasn't hurt me so far. One day she will...and then what? The only way to avoid her violence and aggression at not getting her own way is to give in all the time, and that simply isn't possible. Sometimes it's too dangerous or it's a punishment or it just isn't possible (as in, I can't afford a Mongolian pony and it won't fit in the garden!).

She has injured me in the past, but that is different somehow....then it's always because I'm preventing her from "bolting" and I'm keeping her safe. I can understand her frustration at that, she simply doesn't see the danger. Meltdowns from sheer temper is something new. I see a trip to CAHMS looming........Sigh.

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