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Saturday, 20 February 2010

D Day

That's "Dentist Day" to the uninitiated.
Not, as you previously thought, Thursday.
It started early....about a fortnight earlier to be more precise, so that I could really saturate Daisy with references to D Day. We had to change the appointment time to 9am so that we could be first in with no waiting around. Daisy doesn't "do" waiting. Oh, and then we had to check that the dentist was female, as otherwise it would have been a HUGE waste of time for everyone.
D Day arrived and began at a very Daisy-Unfriendly 7.15am. I was waiting for being thoroughly told-off for disturbing her beauty sleep but was pleasantly surprised by her need to listen to the alarm clock going "beepity beep beep beep". My interest in the noise wore off far earlier than hers, but at least she was awake and happy......sitting on the sofa watching.....yep. The Square Yellow One.
After the usual minefield that is getting dressed we ended up at the dentist EARLY!!
At this point I have to say that the dentist was FABULOUS!!!!!! She didn't mind that Daisy spent the whole 30 minute appointment in the waiting area. She wasn't fazed that Daisy squeaks and barks and growls and tries to bite if she is stressed.  She was interested in PDA and understood it straight away and didn't look at me as if I was the one who was barking....! she never got to see Daisy's teeth, but it's all about trust. Daisy will get there, this dentist knows the difference between goats and sheep!
Roll on our next appointment!


  1. Daisy sounds amazing. I think her and my daughter would get on great. My daughter, Amy, is 10 years and was diagnosed with autism when she was 3. She doesn't do waiting either!! But then again, neither do I. And I can't stand the dentist. Amy however, doesn't mind too much.

    Glad I found you.
    CJ xx

  2. Hi CJ!
    My dentist is great...he understands that my teeth are sensitive and I am more scared of the possible pain than the pain itself!
    Daisy, bless her, has had to have 2 seperate operations in the past under general anasthetic to have teeth removed which was just awful for us both. Had it been me, I would have been doing a "dying duck" on the sofa for at least a week, but Daisy was bouncing around the same afternoon eating apples and carrots! I mean...really! What is it with autistic children and pain? She has such a high tolerance to pain and I am the complete opposite!