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Friday, 25 June 2010

An Open Letter to all those people in Kwik Fit earlier today.

Dear People

I would like to send you all a big "thank you" for completely ignoring my Daisy when she got bored. Not one of you glared at me when she started to hit me...not a flicker from any body when she started crawling under the seats and got utterly filthy...not even a "tut" when we started to play "floor tennis" and made a noise that might have distracted you all from your text messaging, working on your lap top or talking on your phone. were all so busy wrapped up in your own lives that you utterly failed to see mine. Not one of you would probably be able to say what either I or Daisy were wearing or even what hair colour we have. What use would you be in a police identification parade or a witness statement? Are you so absorbed in your little bits of technology that you can't sit and chat or just relax? How can you be so insular? If the waiting area had contained people from my mothers' generation it would have been lively and chatty and people who are all from my generation didn't even want to make eye contact with one another. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging anothers' presence and you set a terrible example to Daisy. How can I possibly teach her social skills when you, the people she needs to observe and learn from, are shutting out everything around you and focussing on a silly little piece of plastic coated technology?

I am ashamed of you, people.

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