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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tiny PAWS.....

Well, there I was, sifting through the Yahoo emails when I found one from the amazing charity Dogs for the Disabled.

Would I be interested in maybe attending a three day course (spread over three months) to try and work out if we should have a dog and what dog would be the most sensible for us?

Would I????

Are you kidding?

I replied straight away! There are so many provisos though, on my having a dog in the house that it might transpire that after the first day it's a big fat no-no...but at least I can say that I tried.

Sadly, it won't be a *proper* assistance dog, inasmuch as we can't take it everywhere like you can a fully trained dog, but I will be helped and guided throughout by the DftD as to which breed might suit as well as the more practical things such as training and behaviour management.

In my head there is already a beautiful, calm Golden Retreiver bitch exuding a soothing atmosphere where ever she cares to tread....The reality would be so different!

The first session will be in July so I wait to hear if I have been accepted...


  1. I would love a dog and as Isaac can be a loner I often wonder of he would appreciate a dog as well. We both work though, so that's why we don't have one (yet). I think we would have to carefully choose our dog breed to, it would need to be a very calm dog, not like the lunatic dalmation my neighbours have!

  2. Dally's are a wonderful breed....but docile isn't the first word that springs to mind about them! Dotty by name; dotty by nature!