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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Well...there's turn up for the books!

I finally emailed Mr Lee's office as I was bored with waiting for a reply and LO AND BEHOLD Mr Lee will be attending!
Wish he'd been courteous enough to tell me without having to ask again....

Still....something is always better than nothing.

Talking of nothing....that is exactly what we received in today's "Emergency Budget". I appreciate that we are in financial dire straights but how is a person who lives in poverty....not necessarily me by the way...supposed to survive when the price of everything will be increased yet there will be no extra money coming in? 
I am much more interested in how the Government is going to implement the new changes to the DLA scheme. I have said before, it needs reform...that form is a killer, but to subject all claims new and old to a medical assessment seems, to me, utterly undoable! (Yup, that is a word!)

It took a group of professionals 2 days to assess Daisy  before a diagnosis was reached, so how can (presumably) 1 person reach the same conclusion in what will have to be a considerable shorter length of time?  I have lost hair, sleep and a few marbles trying to get the Dept. of Works and Pensions to understand that Autism is for life....not just childhood, yet are they now plotting to make a really difficult experience for carers even more stressful and uncertain? I am currently resting on the dubious laurels of Daisy's autism being recognised as *not improving in the foreseeable future*, how long will I be able to rely on this now seemingly precarious perch? 

Surely a person with a dianosis of a life-long developmental disorder would be exempt? What about those with a condition like MS? They can experience periods of remission, how would it affect them?

At least nothing will happen until 2013, so I have 3 years to find out, complain, blog about how nobody can even be bothered to reply, complain, blog, etc etc etc.

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