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Friday, 23 July 2010

PAWS for thought...

Well....Workshop 1 all complete with the wonderful ladies at Dogs for the Disabled!

Lots of questions asked and tons of thought provocation....
So far, I have decided that the dog in question would be male. I really expected a girly dog...a dogette, but no, it appears that with the breed I am looking at a boy dog is the order of the day. Well, the cat won't be out-numbered now then!

Daisy is, as expected, terribly excited about the whole thing and I have implemeted loads of rules for her to follow....nothing major, but simple things like not leaving toys on the floor...puppies chew. Everything and anything. 
Close the lid on the loo. A Dobermann I had the honour of sharing a flat with regularly drank from the bowl of the loo whenever she could. Yuck!
All 'can't-live-without-toys' must live in the conservatory. Puppy is banned from there, allowing the dog-reluctant cat a safe haven!

If we manage to get the puppy we want, then he is currently a 1 week old Golden Retriever living in Portsmouth. He is from a litter of 10 and 5 of his litter-mates are already booked. Now, I know a bit about dogs having worked with them for years, but there is no way I am putting a hefty deposit down on a 7 day old puppy. He comes from pretty good stock...quite a few Show Champions in his pedigree and both his parents have good hip scores, but that doesn't mean that my puppy is going to have the attributes we need. I need to see him running around, inter-acting with the world around him...puppies a week old don't do very much at all.

So I leave it all up to fate. If I am destined to get this particular little chap, then he will still be available in a couple of weeks when I can go and see him. If not, then I was never meant to have him. Simples!

Now we just have to choose a name we both like!

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