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Friday, 29 October 2010

Oh, not Hallowe'en again!'s nearly Hallowe'en....2 days to go. I know this because Daisy has been counting down the days all week. Every morning, as soon as she wakes up she tells me in a very excited voice that it's this many days to  Hallowe'en. I'm thrilled that she is actually managing to keep count of something....but why does it have to be Hallowe'en???? Why can't it be our Home Ed trip out next week? Or something I can get enthusiastic about?

See, the thing is...I don't "do" Hallowe'en. I am from a generation that didn't "Trick or Treat", that was something they did in the US, but not here.

Call me a rude name here if you will, but I struggle with the whole concept of "Trick or Treat". I spend 364 days of the year telling Daisy "don't talk to strangers" and "don't take sweets from people you don't know" and yet, on October 31st, after a year of me pecking her head over "stranger danger", I am expected to allow her to knock on peoples' doors and demand goodies with menaces. Sorry, but I don't get that.

I know it's different in the US and it's much more "partyfied" but here...frankly it's not. Here it's bigger kids banging on the door and grabbing as many e-number stuffed sweeties as their greedy little paws can get! They expect to get something, not because they are malicious little buggers who are plotting to break all the windows on my car, but just because they feel it is their right.

Well, this year I will not be dishing out expensive sweeties that the little tikes will eat them selves silly and then be sick over. I have a plan......

This year...tomorrow in fact, we will be baking cookies. Bat shaped, hat shaped, pumpkin shaped anything you like shaped. No rushing to the shops to buy sweeties at ridiculous prices. Just good ole fashioned home bakin'. I look forward to seeing how many of the sugar-rush induced little darlings show their disappointment!

Oh, and for the record, I will be taking her to ours neighbours houses, the neighbours we know well. Yes she will be costumed. As a cat. As will I. As I have been informed only seconds ago: "every cat needs a witch, mummy".

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