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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Throw Another Shrimp On The Barbie!


My Daisy has gone multi-lingual and is now fluent in Australian!

How did this transformation occur?

Well, it was something to do with a cartoon on TV that I was happily zoning out of (bad mommy!) I was happily catching mice (MouseHunt, a fantastic game from HitGrab on FaceBook...go try it. Not NOW, in a minute when you've got to the bottom. There'll be a reminder in case you forget!) when Daisy starts "boinging" across the room.

"Look Mummy" she yells gleefully down my ear "I'm a kangaroo!"
"But you haven't got a pouch" said I, half-deaf and clearly suffering from some temporary brain injury.
"Yes I have" says she, stretching the waistband of her leggings to near breaking point. "Look"
"Oh, yes. So you have!"
Seconds later she boings back grinning in the way that only kangaroo-girl can, and happily announces:
"Look Mummy, I've got a joey!"
For a split second I was scared to look, the elastic on those leggings really does stretch a long way, and I couldn't see the cat anywhere, but I braced myself and yes......there really WAS a joey down the front of her leggings.

So...picture the 9 year old kangaroo daughter, boinging up and down the living room, complete with joey, bombarding me with questions:
"What do Australians eat, Mummy?"
Boinging stops....then starts again.
"What else do they eat? When they can't get kangaroo?"
"English children"
"Mummmmmmmeeeeeeee! They don't eat people! What do they wear on their heads? Do they wear cowboy hats?"
"They wear hats with corks tied to the brim to keep the flies away"
"Oh, I saw that in Bob The Builder. What else do they eat in Australia?"
"Erm....seafood. Shrimps" My knowledge of Aussie gastronomy is sadly lacking.
"Oh, I love seafood. The dog likes to eat the eyes, but I just like the body"
"Oh, that's good then. No waste......"
"What pets do they have? Do they have pet dogs? Oh, yes! Dingoes, they have dingoes in Australia. We MUST have an Australia Day. We will have a barbecue and hire a sculptor and he will make a copy of that big rock, the biggest rock in the world in the middle of Australia...what's it called again?"
"Yes, then he can make a copy of joey and make it so that water comes out of it's mouth. Won't that be fun?"
"Erm, yes but where..."
"You must ask all your Australian FaceBook friends to come to our house"
"Isn't it rather a long way?"
"Oh, that's OK, they won't mind. They'll like it here and we have lots of space, and we can have a barbecue, and we will have a sculpture of Ul...Ula...Ullerooo, and joey and his mom will be here and it will be just like home for them. They can play mousehunt on your computer and sleep in your room at night, which is really our day so we have to be quiet in the day because they will be asleep and they will have to be quiet in the night because we will be asleep. Oh, look, Garfield is on now......"
"Oh. Erm...OK then."

Apart from the occasional "G'day" it has gone scarily quiet on the Antipodean front....I think I preferred it when she was a dog. Except that kangaroos don't bark. That is a Good Thing. epic game to drive you nuts, delivered to you from HitGrab via it and you could catch this:
or this:

Worth it for the artwork alone!


  1. Love todays adventure. I heartily endorse MouseHunt too. 8)

    G'day to you and Daisy.

  2. I just love the way that she gets it all worked out, the sleeping arrangement, the ability to still be able to MouseHunt and the joey sculpture which she later informed me would be holding a milk bottle! No clear idea why though!!
    G'day, cobber! lol

  3. I love the way she thinks. *smile* I wonder what she would think if a redheaded American girl showed up? ;)