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Monday, 24 May 2010

Not a priority, apparently.

I home educate Daisy.

It isn't easy; it isn't something I undertook lightly and it isn't something that anyone can prepare you for. However, given our circumstances.....I had no choice.

When I removed Daisy from maistream school in 2009, I took the right advice and "de-registered" her. This tells the Education Authority that I intend to educate her outside of mainstream education. I was supposed to meet with the local Truant Officer....Ooops, sorry....Education Welfare Officer but that never happened. We played a great game of "Text Tennis" but never actually met.....

Then we moved house.

Apparently we  are supposed to repeat the procedure all over again. Didn't know that, I assumed (ok, I know; my first mistake!) that one EA talks to another EA. They don't. So, I contact the EWO (which always makes me think of ChewBacca from Star Wars!) by phone, well actually I didn't initially as I called the office and she was out, but I left my name, address and number and was told I'd get some stuff in the post.
Two weeks later.....I called back as I hadn't heard anything (technically at this point I'm breaking the law by not registering Daisy with a local school) and was told that "no, we don't send anything out to you, you have to write to us with your daughter's name and date of birth and any contact names from your previous EA". So the person who answered the phone couldn't tell me this?? It's a dedicated phone number. So, I chat to the EWO and she says that her "inbox is very full" and that Daisy "isn't a priority".

Did I tell her that Daisy is autistic? No.
Should it make a difference? No.

Should any parent be told that their child isn't a priority? Of course not! She's a priority to me! I'm a parent, it comes with the territory for Pete's Sake!

I'm sure that the EWO's are busy. I fully accept that, but this one needs to learn to think before she speaks! I don't want to be told that my child is at the bottom of a very large pile.

I have written my letter, and casually mentioned that Daisy is autistic......I wonder if that will speed things up at all.....I await her reply with interest.

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