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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A bit of moaning might help?

I have emailed the Minister for Works and Pensions (Maria Miller MP) regarding the "rules" concerning Blue Badges and DLA.

I have made no secret of my dislike of this form and look forward to the new Government reforming it in the near future. Please make it soon, for all those poor people who still have to suffer it!

I have asked that carers of children like my Daisy be considered for a higher rate of DLA as although their mobility isn't restricted they pose a massive risk to themselves and others by their "super-mobility". My Daisy is (like many autistic childen) extremely sensitive to noise and will "bolt" when she is scared by an unexpected noise. This is bad enough in a store where maybe the anti-theft detector alarm will sound but a car alarm or even a car engine turning over outside the store will cause Daisy to "bolt" in a blind panic REGARDLESS of what danger she might be running into. Any car accident caused by this behaviour will never be the fault of the driver, but what consolation is that? To anyone?

Our only mode of transport is my car. Buses and trains are completely out of the question, they are unsafe, loud, unpredictable and involve waiting. Autistic children don't tolerate waiting very well at all. I have felt for a long time now, that we should automatically be eligible for a Blue Badge. Not just Daisy, but ALL the people who suffer from any condition that causes them to be a clear danger to themselves and others. I have a letter of recommendation from a specialist paediatrician supporting my claim, yet the department that deals with our DLA claim didn't seem to take it into account and I don't suppose for one moment that the department that deals with Blue Badge applications will either.

A higher rate of DLA (well, the right component at least) would automatically qualify Daisy for a Blue Badge and the Motability scheme. Both things we need. I am lucky enough to own a car that is only 3 years old and should give me many more years of service and reliability, but what if something beyond my control happens to it and it is written off? My insurance would not cover the cost of a new car and I can hardly down-grade for a cheaper model....I drive a Ford KA!

So....simply put we need the safety and security that a Blue Badge would offer in dangerous places and the knowledge that SHOULD I need a new car I can get one I can't begin to explain how difficult life would be for both of us if we had no car. It would be walking distance or nowhere. We wouldn't even be able to go to the supermarket....

I'm not a benefit-grabbing single parent out for everything I can get. I am simply trying to give my daughter the security that I feel she deserves....If I could find employment that allows me to earn enough to support us and take into consideration our circumstances then I would grab it with both hands.

I have already received an acknowledgement email from Maria Miller's office....
Looking good, 'cause that's more than I ever got from my local MP!

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