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Sunday, 9 January 2011

School's Out!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess.

She lived with her mom and their cat, and every day the princess had to go to school.

At the school was a nasty evil dragon who picked on the princess and made her feel very very sad.

The princess' mom tried to fight the dragon with the armour of reasonable discussion, the sword of understanding and the shield of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. 

The dragon repeatedly failed to listen or understand and so, because dragons are a protected species and therefore you can't kill them, the princess and her mom left the kingdom and lived happily ever after.

Until we met the Behavioural Specialist.

Most definitely NOT a dragon. Or anything evil or nasty. She's very very nice. 


She has convinced Daisy that school is where she should be. It's all she talks about. I'm convinced she's on some kind of commission rating as she sells it so well!

Daisy is one of those people who wants to fulfil your expectation of them. She is desperate to please...particularly people that she feels are in authority...and tries to say the right things, effectively she says what they want to hear. Then when she can't do it, they question her and make her feel bad about it. Even though she tried her best. So her very fragile self-esteem takes another bashing and I get to pick up the bits. It's not that she is incapable, far from it. She has no real concept of limitations, so in the right hands she could fly. She could do anything, so long as it involves her being the authority figure. Authority figures SET the limits, but if she was in charge? Hell, she could run the world!

But, school and Daisy don't mix.

I don't want to put her through the trauma, but she's now pecking my head over it as the BS has filled her head with schemes and dreams and seems oblivious to Daisy's needs.

One of my Amazing People read a previous blog about Daisy's particular needs and has said that what we need from ANY school is simply not do-able. 

We need a statement, we need full-time 1:1 help and we need it in place before Daisy even arrives at school. This is never going to happen....statementing is hard when the child is in school but when Home Educated? Very nearly but not quite impossible. 1:1 help? full time? Dream. On!

So.....tomorrow I am going to re-double my efforts in making my voice heard. I don't know what the Hell I am meant to do.....chair and megaphone, perhaps??

*********Many many thanks to the team at HitGrab for allowing me to plunder their MouseHunt artwork. 
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  1. <3 very lovely pics. I'm torn in what I think my friend. I mean... maybe a different school? Maybe a different experience? maybe daisy a little older? *sigh* but then.. you KNOW. You are with your little girl all the time. You present learning in a safe, fun environment... I think you should MAKE the behavior specialist go to school with Daisy. THEN if there are problems, perhaps the 'specialist' will finally understand. *hugs* I'm here for yah sweets! *hugs* whatever you decide you know I'm with you!

  2. I feel for you.... Kels is in 7th grade this year and it is the first year I feel good about her school. She has fab teachers that work hard to undrerstand her and to find the right things that motivate her from a positive place. Breaks my heart when I think about all the things she did and did not learn through the bumbling ineptitude of grade school. You are Daisys best advocate. You know what is right for her. Stick with it to help her get what she needs. Feed your own soul as often as you can so you have the energy for it! Vent often. Big hugs!

  3. I'm torn too! It's all Daisy talks about, but her expectations of school are so warped that the real world is going to hit and hurt her real hard!
    My gut reaction is to refuse, our Home Ed co-ordinator is more than happy with what I am doing with Daisy and if she goes back to school and has a melt-down (as she inevitably will) and attacks someone then what?
    I think the BS should concentrate more on behaviour and a lot less on trying to get her back to school!

  4. Still praying... why oh why are they trying to force them into certain molds all the time. 8[

  5. If only her disability could be seen, then we would be treated differently and pigeon-holed in another way entirely!